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An Efficient, Free, easy to manage, 

Training Platform For All Levels 


View your own personalized training.

Review workout logistics in advance.

Log any physical activity.

Write about how you feel on daily basis.

Engage in your teammates efforts. 

Be informed on future announcements and races.

View the route prescribed for the day.  

The process of logging takes less than 30 seconds!

let's get started:

1) Download Strava on the App Store

2) Create a login through Facebook, Google, or Email. 

  • Ignore all additional options once in the app, it’s free.  


3) At the home page, Click on “Explore” at the bottom


4) Click on “Clubs” on the top-right

5) Once admitted: 

  • Go the main menu, then click "profile" on the bottom, then scroll down 

  • Click on “SRV XC TF” under Clubs

  • View "posts"

    • Prescribed daily training will be posted here

logging with a non gps watch

  • Once you are finished with your run, “Save” the exercise on your watch.

  • Use a computer that has USB compatibility

    • Plug your charger into the computer

    • Charge your watch with the opposing end

  • Your computer will take a couple of seconds to recognize the watch

    • Once recognized, open up Strava on your computer

    • Click on the + button at the top right, then hover to “Upload Activity”

    • Click “Choose Files”

    • Click on your Watch

    • Double Click the “Garmin Folder”

    • Double Click on “Activities”

    • Select the file you want to upload, you can recognize different files by looking at the “Date Created”

logging with a gps watch

  • Download “Garmin Connect.” through the app store and create a free account  

  • Click the + button at the top right 

  • Click on your type of watch

  • From there, the app will scan nearby watches and connect to yours.

  • Go back to Strava on a computer: hover over your profile

  • Click on “Settings”

  • On the right under "Social Connections", link your gamin account  

  • From here on, anytime you save a run, it will automatically upload to Strava via bluetooth!

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I don't have a smart phone, can I still use Strava?

  • Yes!  You can manually create a run on any computer through

Are there privacy settings?

  • Yes!  You have the option of making runs only viewable to people who you approve to follow you.  You can also make all activities private to yourself only.  

sharing runs:

There’s an awesome feature on the app that allows you to share your run with anyone!    If one person in the group uploads their run, they will be able to transfer this run over, bypassing the upload process teammates.

  • Go the home page on Strava

  • Click on “You” at the top

  • Click on the run you wish to share

  • Scroll down slightly and click “Add others/friends” on the right hand side

  • Enter their name and send your run over!

    • You must both be following each other for this to work

    • If not, you can always text the run over by clicking “Invite Others” at the bottom. 

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